Watermarked Security Paper

Watermarked Security Paper

True Watermarked Papers – Definition

A true watermarked sheet of paper has an image or logo that has been embossed into a roll of paper, using a Dandy Roll during the paper making process. Typically, these master rolls are then converted into 8.5” x11” sheets. The embossed area becomes visible and appears lighter when the sheet is held up to a light. Many fine cotton or rag papers have true watermarks. Strathmore, Hammermill and Cranes Crest all supply true watermarked paper incorporating their brand’s logo. Historically, True Watermarked Paper was used to convey a symbol of quality, however today true watermarked paper is often used to prevent document counterfeiting. Because a true watermark is very difficult replicate it is a very effective deterrent to copying.

Chemical Watermark – Definition

An option to watermarking paper during the paper manufacturing process is the process of chemical embossing a watermark. A chemical watermark is created using a chemical process that changes the structure of the paper. A dissolving agent is applied to an embossing die (your image), the die strikes the paper and the dissolving agent applied to the die dissolves a portion of the paper cellulose leaving just the translucent image. This creates a watermark that appears almost identical to a watermark created when a papermill manufactures the paper.

Advantages to Chemical Watermarked Papers

  • Chemical watermarking, as a rule, is less expensive than true papermill watermarks. Papermills use Dandy Roll embossing dies in the papermaking process to emboss an image, Dandy Rollers are prohibitively expensive and their cost must be absorbed into the first order of true watermarked paper. Mill made watermarked paper may be more competitive on very large orders.
  • Chemical Watermarks can be used on pre-printed paper along with multitudes of various security paper stocks. This flexibility allows consumers to incorporate printed security features, specialty security papers and true watermarks, deterring document counterfeiting.
  • Smaller order quantities can be cost effectively watermarked.



  • School Transcripts
  • Report Cards
  • BOL’s (Bill-of-Lading)
  • Prescription Sheets
  • Computer Generated
  • Handwritten
  • Certificates
  • Authenticity
  • Gift
  • Achievement
  • Coupons
  • Stationery Paper
  • High Security Papers
  • Government Documents
  • Banking Documents
  • Patent Submissions
  • Permits

Papers Available

  • Linen
  • Smooth
  • Cotton Rag
  • Basket Weave
  • Security papers

Paper Security Features

  • Chemically Reactive
  • Invisible Threads
  • Toner Lock


Additional Printed Security Features Available

  • Void
  • Micro Line print
  • Thermo-chromatic Inks
  • Artificial watermarks
  • Numbering
  • Barcoding


Our Program

Drew & Rogers can provide both true watermarked paper and chemical watermarked papers.

We will provide the following services:

  • Create the artwork for your watermark
  • Create the artwork for additional printed security features
  • Provide a proof of the watermark showing the copy and the logo position
  • Provide a proof of the printed security features.
  • Help you choose the paper and determine if any additional paper security features are necessary.
  • Determine budget
  • Consult on schedule and delivery requirements

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