Snap Pack Mailers


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    • Direct Mail Service
    • Data Processing: CASS & NCOA
    • Snap Pack Printing & Imaging
    • Mail processing services
    • Union Bugs Available
  • Use Pressure seal snap pack mailers on your next direct mail campaign & improve response
  • Snap Pack Mailers (Pressure Sealed Mailers) are a great direct mail marketing solution that captures the attention of recipients because of its strong appeal of urgency and importance.  
  • Campaigns have shown that snap pack mailers can have an astounding 93% open rate
  • Snap pack mailers have continuously been demonstrated to boost response rates 
  • Are mailers made with one sheet of paper through a folding and sealing method into a self-contained mailer. These forms are called Pressure seal forms.​
  • Pressure seal mailers eliminate the envelope, the labor, the time and the equipment needed to stuff the envelopes.​
  • These mailers can incorporate security features like blockouts, watermarks and void pantographs to keep any content confidential.​
  • Pressure seal mailers are used for checks, invoices, notices, PIN information and many other applications

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