Laser Cut Sheets

Drew & Rogers delivers high-print-quality laser cut sheet manufacturing engineered for today’s technology. Featuring UV curing and automated delivery options, Drew & Rogers, Inc. is positioned to respond to the efficiency requirements and quality control expectations of today’s cut sheet data processing. Drew & Rogers’ clients are well positioned to capitalize on the benefits as cut sheet applications continue to grow in the workplace.

For many imaging applications laser cut sheets give our clients a cost-effective way of doing business. From payroll and accounts payable checks, to laser bill of ladings and invoices, Drew & Rogers offers a wide range of templates and options for our clients’ cut sheet needs:

  • Up to 10-color forms printing on 24″, 17″ and 14″ forms
  • Laser, OCR, and Specialty Inks available upon request
  • Cutoffs for cut sheets on press are 8.5″, 11″, 14″, 22″, 24″ and 28″ forms
  • Pattern Perforations and File Holes
  • Laser Check MICR Numbering, Statement Numbering, and Bill of Lading Barcodes
  • Patterned remoist glue for self-sealing laser checks and cut sheet forms
  • Guaranteed for high-speed laser
  • Computerized Print-to-Cut Registration System for perfect cut sheets
  • Both blank forms and printed cut sheets use our automated Packaging and Wrapping system
  • Inter-Stage UV to ensure immediately cured printed custom laser forms
  • Responsive deliveries

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