Frank Abagnale Super Check

The Frank Abagnale Super Business Check is the most secure business check in the world. Designed by Frank Abagnale Jr. with 15 safety features, the check is virtually impossible to replicate or alter without the fraud being evident. Fully compatible with today’s Check 21 environment, the distinct appearance and combination of safety features in the Super Business Check provide the greatest deterrence to check fraud available in a business check. The Super Business Check is printed on very tightly controlled, true-watermarked security paper. For your protection, checks are never sold blank without first being customized for a specific customer.

Super Check Security Features:

Overt Security Features:

  • Fourdrinier Watermark
  • Thermochromatic Ink
  • High-resolution Borders
  • Microprinting
  • Chemical Wash Detection Boxes
  • Prismatic Printing
  • Laid Lines
  • Warning Banner

Covert Security Features:

  • Controlled Paper Stock
  • Chemically Reactive Paper
  • UV Light-Sensitive Ink
  • UV Light-Sensitive Fibers

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