Form Industry Issues

The forms industry is maturing at a rapid pace. Participants will expand their businesses into new products or markets previously ignored, to replace declining revenues lost to alternative technologies or competitive pressures. This is evident by companies expanding into commercial printing, pressure sensitive labels, or advertising specialties, to name a few. Secure document programs represent a product-based opportunity for value-added relationships and increased revenue.

There are several requirements for successful participation in the secure document business, including but not limited to areas such as education, marketing, and adherence to some practical standards of performance. We will assume that you are pursuing educational needs by your use of this document.

Standards of performance for secure documents are those things your customers may never ask you about unless there is a problem. Sadly, when they ask, it may be a signal that the business is lost. Secure documents are, by their nature, confidential. Participants responsible for producing secure documents are expected to protect all elements of secure documents from unauthorized access. This includes all samples, films, plates, production waste, and finished goods. Failure to protect materials from unwarranted access may constitute negligence, subjecting you to liability for loss, or at a minimum, the loss of a customer. Reasonable procedures in protecting secure documents from unauthorized access may be a marketable attribute today but will likely become a given very quickly.

As you open a discussion of secure documents with your customers you will quickly be considered an expert. They rely on you to keep up with the latest trends in technologies and the law, and to keep them informed. This is not a new standard that you are held accountable for, but is one that requires more focus in keeping up with the rapid pace of change in the secure documents business.

A key ingredient in building a successful secure documents business will be effective marketing. The objective should be to have your customers recognize you as a secure documents provider. There is greater need to market secure documents because the business is complex and there is a lack of knowledge on the subject.

A reasonable marketing program should contain a vehicle to communicate the aspects of your secure documents offerings to your customers. These aspects should include standard precautions, standard features, and special services that are available upon request.

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